What is Audio Ducking and how to use it for audio content

 Audio loop requires player version 10 or above.

This tutorial shows discusses the lowering of volume when a new, more important audio is temporarily introduced while another is playing. To learn how to set up the audio feature, please visit the audio feature tutorial.

Audio Ducking is a well-known feature to audio editors. Audio Ducking will lower, or “duck”, the volume of the media which are being played, allowing a new audio message to be heard. Once the message is finished, the volume of the previous audio is automatically resumed.

audio ducking explained

For example if you have an audio announcement to kick in in the middle of a campaign, you can adjust the volume of others to 30%. During the announcement the other volume levels will be reduced to 30% and after the announcement is done the main content is returned to the original level.

Audio Ducking can be configured for each element within a Campaign or Playlist item which has a volume selector.

Two different volume levels have to be set:

  • Volume – This is the playback volume for the media at hand.
  • Volume Others – This is the volume set for all other media playing in the background.

Audio ducking can also be configured for on-demand audio playback.

  1. Publish any audio asset as on-demand directly to a player or player group. No playlist or campaign necessary.
    publish audio directly

publish audio directly

  1. Go to the Playeror Player Group where the on-demand audio is published.
  2. Click on the little gear icon on the right of the Audio Playlist.

audio ducking for on-demand audio

  1. Select the desired Volume for this media and the Volume Others.

audio properties in particular volume

If you want you can also set an audio cross-fade!

audio properties cross-fade