Using text apps

Within screenpublishing App Library (How to Add Apps), you will find the category “Text and Scrollers”. These are ideal for displaying short messages that need to be updated quickly. Check out the apps available below:

Rich text app

Rich Text Widget

This app is totally customizable! Change background and font color, font size, line height, alignment and page margin. You can apply different settings to specific text parts separately.

This App resizes automatically to fit any screen area. Just remember checking the “Auto-fit text size” box, so that the whole content is adjusted to the new area.

Always preview the App and test the campaign on a device before launching it to your entire network.

QR code from text apps

Vertical and horizontal Text Ticker

Sentences roll across the screen with this App, available in both horizontal and vertical orientation. To separate lines of text, just begin a new line in the text editor in the “Customize App” settings.

You can also opt to “Animate text transition” which means fading transitions. The speed of animation is adjustable.

Keep the size of your screen in mind when using the fade animation. The longer the sentence, the smaller the font.

Note: Capslock is the only text format available for the vertical text ticker.

QR code text apps


Invite your audience to discover more information on their mobile, right from your screen! QRcodes make calls-to-action much more effective by redirecting users straight to a website URL. You just need to paste the URL or message you want to display into the app settings.


The text category comprises more Apps not covered in this section. Learn about Directory Lists (for tables, schedules and soccer scores) by clicking here.