Using Table Apps

screenpublishing provides different apps on table format. Find out below different types and how to create them:

  1. To find all available Table App templates you need to go to the App Library of your screenpublishing platform (How to Add Apps).
  2. Then you have to select a category from the sidebar menu of the pop-up window. You can find Directory Lists in “Text and Scrollers” or Match Score and League Tables in “Sports”.

directory list table apps

Directory List:

The Directory List App is part of the “Text and Scrollers” section. It allows you to organize information in rows and columns. Great for designing timetables and data.

    1. Write its name and table title. The title will be displayed on top of your signage content on the screen, but the name is for your own reference when searching for the app in your account.
    2. Select layout, change text colors or add a new background image.
    3. Place the text you want to display on the text editor. Each new line will create a new row and commas separate columns.

Note: The column height does not change. Write up to five lines. If you need more lines, create another Directory List App and continue at the line you stopped. The columns are unlimited, but be reasonable as the text might become cluttered, specially if you use long words or sentences per column.

score table apps

Match score:

Because sports have a strong appeal, we separated the sport themed tables from other text tables. With “Match scores” you can list up to four scores of the highlight sport matches! Ideal for soccer, handball and basketball, for instance.

  1. Similar to the Directory List, you must use commas to separate the scores of each match. Write “Avalon, 1, Camelot, 0” and it will be automatically set in the table as “Avalon 1 – 0 Camelot”.
  2. There are preset backgrounds of popular sports, but feel free to add your own image.

If you are only interested in the one and only sport, “Soccer Scores” is an even more convenient way to showcase soccer results. It shows the results of the complete match day of the world’s most popular leagues.

table league table apps

League table:

Let your audience know of their teams’ latest developments in a league. Set up to five groups and show how many matches they have won or lost, among other information.

  1. Add app name, and also give it a title and subtitle.
  2. Write the group name.
  3. Now you can add info for up to 5 different team. Do it in the following sequence, and separate it with commas: position,team,matches played,wins,draws,losses,goals for,goals against,goals difference,points.

Remember to use this exact formatting: don’t insert any space between commatas and the data, or else nothing will appear on the App as you save it.

Soccer table & soccer scores:

For the most popular soccer leagues “Soccer Tables” and “Soccer Score” show the standings of selected leagues automatically without any additional data input from you after setup.

    1. Name app, give it a title.
    2. Select League.

Select Round.





Adjust layout settings, such as background color, font type and color, animations, etc.

Preview the outcome. If you are content and the data is precisely set, hit “Save”. The App will be placed in the App folder in your Content Library for future use.