Use categories to distribute campaigns

Sort out automatically different categories of campaigns in campaign playlist.

For that, you need to create several categories to differ campaigns according to their purposes. Create news, entertainment, advertising and video categories, for instance. You can do that when creating a campaign.

    1. On your screenpublishing account, click in the tab “Playlist”. Select one list or create a new list.
    1. Click on “Distribute by Category” button, above the campaign loop. In the image below, you can notice by the color bars that all categories are clustered.

distribute by categories button

    1. Confirm the action in the dialog box.


  1. Same category campaigns were set apart on the loop. If all campaigns are uncategorized or belong to the same category, nothing will happen. Before using this feature, edit the campaigns and set categories to them.

auto-distributed loop

This feature ensures your player displays balanced content. Prevent the audience from being overwhelmed with advertising and losing interest in the screen.