Campaign cycling

Campaign cycling Campaign cycling is a feature to control how many Campaigns of a Playlist play each time the Playlist is triggered in the Player loop. In order to follow this tutorial step by step, review beforehand how to create a Campaign Playlist and how to publish it. Then, read the instructions below: Go to the “Playlist” folder […]

Create complex Playlists

Create complex Playlists  we are going to explore another usage of Playlist which, combined with Campaign Cycling, will make your digital signage even more dynamic. You already know the benefits of publishing Playlists instead of Campaigns separately to a Player and how to create them. You simply group Campaigns into the desired loop. You can also […]

How to manage Campaigns in Playlists

How to manage Campaigns in Playlists Manage Campaigns in Playlists and simplify content publishing. Playlists are a tool available on the screenpublishing platform to easily manage Campaign playback orders, keep control of total playback length and also publish lots of content to several Playlists with few clicks of a button. You can learn how to […]

How to cycle video ads

How to cycle video ads Add videos to your Playlists and activate the Playback Mode Cycle Items to cycle content in a loop. The easiest way to manage ads and make sure content doesn’t repeat itself unnecessarily is by having multiple playlists. Another tip is to group content together by categories and alternating content categories. […]

How to estimate playlist duration

How to estimate playlist duration Obtain a precise estimative of playlist duration taking into account content restrictions. Deploying playlists is a great strategy to keep strict control of content playback on your signage network. On a single page you are able to have an overview of signage playback, and target content based on time, day […]

Lift & Learn Setup – Nexmosphere

Lift & Learn Setup – Nexmosphere To implement the lift-and-learn solution you will need: screenpublishing Windows player Nexmosphere Controller Nexmosphere Antenna Driver Nexmosphere Antenna One, or more compatible RFID tags 1 – Hardware Setup Before configuring the software, let’s make sure you have your hardware set. Connect the Antenna to an XR Receiver Connect the XR receiver to the Nexmosphere […]

Serial Port Triggers

Serial Port Triggers 1 – Install the screenpublishing “Serial Trigger Adapter”  module The Serial Trigger is an additional screenpublishing Module that will read the events sent over the serial port and trigger the associated content at the screenpublishing player. Download the Serial Trigger Adapter Install the Serial Trigger Adapter on the player Start the Serial Trigger […]

How to Use the Serial Port Write Data App

How to Use the Serial Port Write Data App The newly launched Serial Port Write Data App connects your sensor controls with your content. THIS FEATURE IS CURRENTLY IN BETA. CONTACT US TO ENABLE IT ON YOUR ACCOUNT. Before continuing, make sure you have player version 10.1.0 installed on the device. Configure the serial port […]

Create a Campaign Playlist

Create a Campaign Playlist Instead of publishing Campaigns to players one by one, you can gather Campaigns and publish them all at once. A Campaign Playlist makes Campaign publishing and ordering much easier.Learn how to create them: Go to the Content page of your screenpublishing account homepage. Click on “New” and then select “Playlist” A […]

Publish Campaign Playlists to a Player

Publish Campaign Playlists to a Player Follow the next steps to publish Campaign Playlists to a player. If you don’t know what a Playlist is, go to this tutorial and learn how to create a Campaign Playlist. Go to the Content page in your screenpublishing account homepage and into your Playlist folder where you saved your […]