PowerBI App

screenpublishing can be used to present PowerBI dashboards and reports directly on your signage screens. Better yet, access to the PowerBI platform is directly authenticated through your Microsoft account, so your password is not stored on screenpublishing.

Configure and present PowerBI Dashboards in a few easy steps.

  1. Authenticate screenpublishing for your Microsoft Account
    • In your screenpublishing account, go to Settings > Integration Accounts
    • Click the orange button “+ Add Account” on the top right
    • Select Add Microsoft Account
    • Authorize screenpublishing to access your Microsoft PowerBI Account
  2. Configure your first PowerBI App
    • Go to the Content Menu
    • Click the orange “+New” button
    • Select App
    • Go to the “Third Party” category
    • Select the PowerBI App
    • Give the App a name
    • Select which Dashboard or Report to be presented by the app by choosing it from the dropdown menu.
      configure PowerBI app