We help You increase Your sale

We provide innovative display solutions for Your advertising. The screen display Your products in a beautiful and colorful way. It will bring You more attention and increase Your sale. Outdoor screens, in store screens and screens for window shopping. All managed in a facile way.


Our products

Our products is based on well known technology. The hardware screens are delivered by Samsung and the software are developed at Databeat Omni in Norway.

Both the hardware and the software demands a minimum of attention and service. The required technical skills therefore are down to how to turn on Your screen.


The publishing software itself is facile and user-friendly. The published presentations can be managed like a Power point presentation.

We can provide a leasing contract to our customers. With insurance and guarantees from our suppliers it will ensure fast replacement in case of malfunction or equipment damage.


The market

We see that the screen publishing market are in early stages and will have a huge potential for those who succeed. From flat poster design to high resolution screens with backlights. From one way communicating screens to dynamic and adaptive display solutions.

Our cooperation with hardware supplier Samsung and Software supplier Databeat Omni are securing our business strategy.

Screen Publishing has the ambition to become a major role player in UK and the European market.

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