Integrate social accounts

In order get content from your social and other accounts onto your Screen Publishing  apps, you first need to authorize your Screen Publishing  account to access those account. This applies to Facebook and DS menu apps. Learn quickly how to integrate these services with Screen Publishing .

  1. Log into your Screen Publishing account, and click on your username at the bottom-left corner. Then, go to “Settings” in the menu.

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  1. Select “Integration Accounts” from the sidebar menu.

  1. Click the “Add Account” button on the top-right and choose the service you want to integrate from the drop-down menu.

  1. You will now be forwarded to Facebook or Twitter to log into your account. For DS menu, the authorization happens directly on site. Insert your username and password you use for that specific account and confirm with “Save Settings”.

Your account has been successfully integrated. Now, you are able to use data from those accounts in your campaigns.

Detach your integrated accounts anytime by clicking the red remove button on the right.