How to use the Wi-Fi App

If you offer complimentary Wi-Fi to your visitors and want to free your staff from needing to assist with the typing process, you can display your Wi-Fi credentials together with a QR Code on screen. The screenpublishing Wi-Fi App does it for you.
If this is your first app, apps are pre-designed content widgets.
  1. Go to the App library in your screenpublishing account (Content > New > App).
  2. On the pop-up window, select “Office” from the sidebar menu.
  3. Last on the list, you will find the Wi-Fi Zone App.
  4. Fill out your details and customize the design to your needs. wifi app
    • App name: Name the app something you can easily recall when incorporating it in your content.
    • Network name (SSID): Which network should your visitors connect to? You can hide the network name by checking the box “Hidden SSID” if you don’t want to disclose it, but it is necessary to create the QR code.
    • Password: The time consuming questions to your staff about the exact spelling of the password are a thing of the past if you show it to your visitors on screen. If you rather want to control who get’s access to your Wi-Fi, it is optional.
    • Authentication type: Check your Wi-Fi device, which system it uses.
    • Customize fonts, colors, and backgrounds, as well as the language for the labels to your needs.
  5. “Preview” and if you like the result, confirm with “Save”.
The App is now in your Content Library and can be used in any Campaign, Playlist, Composition, or on its own.