How to use the Cafeteria App

The Cafeteria App is part of the Menu Boards & Tables app category. As the name suggests it is useful for daily changing cafeteria menus. This is just one possible application. Use this app every time you want to list something which changes by the day and time of day.

Examples: A health clinic with specialized doctors, a university with the consultation hours of the professors, a conference with various workshops, a gym with diverse classes, and many more.

cafeteria app first look

The maximum tables on one page will be three. If you have more tables on the day, they will be shown on the next page. If you have only 1 or 2 tables on a given day, only 2 columns will be shown for that day.

Example with 2 tables on Monday:

cafeteria app two columns

This app gets its contents from a data feed. The app tells us the required information:

    • a number column for the Day Of The Week.
    • a text column for the parent category which is the table header, here named Meal Name. Think of it like Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
    • a text column for the individual entries, here named Menu. Think Müsli and Pancakes.
    • and an optional text column for the time of day Schedule. It will show as a second line in the table header.

cafeteria app data feed requirements

  1. Create a data feed with the content of the appcafeteria app new data feedThis can be a manual data feed on the screenpublishing platform or an outside source like CVS, Google Sheets and so on. We create a manual data feed.
    1. Column: Day Of The Week
      The day of the week is a number field. 1.00 represents Sunday, 2.00 Monday, 3.00 Tuesday and so on.cafeteria app data feed column day of the week
    2. Column: Meal Name
      The meal name is the table header and is a text field.cafeteria app data feed column meal name
    3. Column: Schedule
      The schedule is a line under the table header to give additional information on the column. It is also a text field and the only optional field.
    4. Column: Menu
      The Menu contains all table data under the table header. Separate each entry by a comma.
    5. Populating the Data Feed
      To reflect four times per day, you need four rows with the number 2.00 as the Day of the Week for Monday.
      To fill out your app completely, you need as many rows as you have 
      days of the week       X       times per day

      In this case 4 X 7 = 28 rows.

      cafeteria app populating data feed

      The app will work just the same with less rows. If you don’t have any service on Saturday (Day of the Week = 7.00) or Sunday (Day of the Week = 1.00), these days will be skipped.

  2. Create Cafeteria App and connecting to the data feed
    1. Select New App > Menu Boards & Tables > Cafeteria App
    2. Name the App and connect the Cafeteria Data Feedcafeteria app connect data feed
    3. Confirm if the columns are assigned correctly.
    4. Personalize duration on each page, font, colors, background, labels, language, as well as if only the present day should be shown or the app should rotate through all available days.
    5. Your Cafeteria App is now ready to be published.cafeteria app ready to publish