How to use the Audio Announcement App 

Audio loop requires player version 10 or above.

Whether you are shy to speak up or haven’t mastered a particular accent just yet, but you need to communicate verbally with your audience, the audio announcement app got you covered.

This TextToSpeech app allows you to write text content which is spoken as audio on the player in a variety of voices and languages. At present, 100+ voices are available across 30+ languages.

  1. To create a new app, go to your Content page.
  2. Click the orange New button and select Apps.
    You find the audio announcement app in “Others” or by typing “audio” into the search box.
    audio announcement app
  3. After giving the app instance a name, type in the text you want to say. You can write in many different languages.
    type audio text
  4. Choose the language and voice you like best.
    choose output language and voice
    Make use of the blue preview button below to prelisten and check out the voices at your disposal. 

    prelisten to audio

  5. In Advanced Settings, you can set the playback speed to normal, slower or faster. You can set the pitch level and you can check if you use SSML format.
    audio announcement advanced settings
    Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) allows for further customization in your audio output by providing details on pauses, audio formatting for acronyms, dates, times, abbreviations, or text to be censored.
  6. Save the app and publish it.