How to trigger a Campaign by GeoRegion

If your screens are on the move and the location around your content matters for the context, trigger your Campaigns to be published when entering or exiting a certain location.

Campaign triggering by GeoRegion is the tool you are looking for.

We have shown you how to set up GeoRegions in another tutorial for reference. Follow this tutorial to learn how to set the trigger to your Campaign.

  1. First, create your Campaign and publish it.
  2. Next, click on the Publish tab of your Campaign and click on the orange “Publish to Players” button on the top-right.
    georegion publish campaign
  3. At the “Where It Can Be Played” box, click “Within Specific Regions”.
    georegion within specific region
  4. If you have previously set up your GeoRegions, just type the name of that region into the text box.
  5. If you don’t have the region you need set up yet or you need to change the existing one, click on the “Manage Geo Regions” button.
  6. A pop-up window will appear. You can either edit your existing GeoRegion by clicking on the “edit” icon to the right of the region, or you “Add a Region”.
    georegion add region
  7. In our case, we decide to draw a create a new region.
    georegion draw region
    1. Type into the text box on the map, a landmark (country, region, city) to get the right map section.
    2. You can zoom in and out, or move the map section by using the “hand” icon.
    3. Draw a continuous area with either the circle or the polygon tool. More details on drawing regions in the above mentioned tutorial about setting up GeoRegions. Excuse us, if our drawing is not completely accurate.
    4. “Save” the Region.
  8. Your new GeoRegion is created. Exit the window by clicking “OK”.
    georegion new region
  9. Now, you are directed back to your Campaign publishing settings. Type in the name of the desired GeoRegion. Other available options will be shown to you as well. Confirm with the orange “Publish” button at the bottom.
    georegion set region
  10. Your Campaign will now be triggered every time your moving screen enters Brooklyn.
    georegion published