How to shut down Windows Players

Set your Windows Player to shut down automatically after working hours on screenpublishing website.

In your Player Settings, you have the option to shut down your Player. This feature is available to Windows Players only – other systems may just be set to turn off the screen. With this feature, your staff has one task less to do at the end of their shift. It is still necessary to turn the Player back on manually the next day, though.

  1. In your screenpublishing account, click the “Players” tab at the left of the page, then select a Player running on Windows.
  2. Click the “Settings” on the side menu.
  3. Scroll down to the “Working Schedule” title. Choose the option “Turn device off” for “When outside of working schedule”.Turn off device
  4. Fill out the working hours for the Player below. You need to select a day of the week and set the exact time for it to be on. If the Player is supposed to be on for different periods each day, click on “Add Another”. In the example below, the working hours on weekends differ from weekdays.
    set working hours
  5. Do not forget to “Save Changes” at the very bottom afterwards.

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