How to share files and folders

Understand types of folders and how you can organize and share content with other users.

User’s folder

Each new user account you create will receive a specific folder, so all content they upload to the platform will appear inside it.

Let’s say the user creates a folder and names it “Home”.

You can view this folder and items it contains by accessing this user specific folder among your folders in your content. In this case, it is called “[restricted user’s] Home“. [restricted user] is a placeholder and will be replaced by the name you gave the user. By clicking on the folder, you see their content in the following way:

Shared folder

In case you need to share several files with an entire team for a specific project, you can move files and apps to a folder and share it with as many accounts as you want.

In the “Content” tab, click on “New” and then choose “Folder”.

Upload files or move existing files and apps into the new folder.

Right-click on the folder or click on the three dots on the right. Click the “Permissions” button from the dropdown menu.

In the pop-up window, click the “Grant Permissions” button on the top-right.

Type their name or selected the users you want to share the folder with, click on “Confirm”.

At last, adjust each user’s permission level. By just adding the user to the shared folder they will only be able to use the content. To allow them to use, inspect, modify, or delete files and apps, turn the switch buttons on.