How to set timeout content

Signage can be used for several different purposes: besides displaying ads, you may also trigger websites and let user interact with screens.

When you deal with interactive content, such as forms, websites, menus, mapping, you can’t be sure on how long people will take to explore it. When you are not sure about how long the campaign should last, then it is safer to publish longer campaign and set Interactivity Timeout, so screenpublishing App will detected no one has interacted with content for a certain period defined by you and trigger another content automatically.


This is quite useful when placing displays on high traffic areas, because this way you can make sure that the next person interacting with the screen won’t grab the campaign mid-play.

For this tutorial, we have set up content a wayfinding campaign for a University. Trespassers are displayed the campus map, and they can click on the departments to check out indoor maps. Our goal is to set up interactivity time out on department maps, so when no one is checking it out it goes back to the campus map.

Learn how to create interactive campaigns.

  1. On your screenpublishing account, right-click the interactive campaign in which you want adjust time out.
  2. Click in “Interactivity” on pop-up menu.

  1. Click on “Add Interactivity”.

  1. On “What”, select “Timeout”.
  2. Adjust how many seconds should pass without any interaction before screenpublishing triggers next content.
  3. Select what will play if there is no interacion. You can trigger another campaign, or shift an area of the ongoing campaign.

  1. At last, click on “Save”.

Done! The outcome is, whenever there is no interaction with the departments map for 15s, the Main Map will be triggered.