How to remote control your Android Player

Control your Android Player through the screenpublishing website.

Besides remotely viewing the Player, you can even control it through the same page on your screenpublishing account. With this feature, you can access Apps and change settings.

  1. Click on the Player tab on your screenpublishing account and choose a device. This feature requires an Android Player with System App.
  2. Select “Remote View” on the left bar menu.
    2. Menu
  3. You will see the current display of your Player on the new page. Navigate through the Player using the upper buttons which simulate your device commands:
    • Click the “Back” button to return.
    • Click the “Home” button to check your applications.
    • Click on the screen with the mouse to simulate touch. If you wish to scroll, click and drag the mouse cursor as you would do on your Player with your fingers.
      4. Drag
  4. After completing your task, do not forget to open the screenpublishing App before leaving the remote view page!