How to manage published content in player

You can manage content previously published to player anytime, either on a specific device page or on group of players.

  1. On your screenpublishing platform, select the device or group of devices you want to overview. You can select them by clicking on “Players” or “Group of Players” on left panel.
  2. Select the device or group of devices.
  3. On the player page, select “Campaigns in Player” or “Campaign in Group” on the left menu.
  4. On this page you can check out all campaigns and playlists published to this specific device or group, including the time, date and location restrictions.

  1. You can perform several actions in this page that will affect content display:


    • Pause content: This option put on hold the display of content, while keeping it stored on device internal storage. Use it when you need to resume the content display soon again and wish to save data.
    • Unpublish content: In this case, you remove it permanently from the device. Use it when you will no longer display content and would like to free storage space for other campaigns.

    • Reorder content sequence: Adjust campaign and playlist playback sequence.
    • Edit restrictions: When publishing content, you might apply time and date restrictions. You can edit them anytime through this page, extending or limiting content playback.

  • Trigger on-demand content: In this page, you can hit the button to playback those campaigns that are stored on the device, but should be displayed only on certain occasions. Just hit the “Play” button on the campaign’s right side.