How to display streaming videos

Use the Stream Video Link App to stream RTSP or HLS feeds to Android media players. This feature is supported by newer Android versions, working better on 5.0 or more recent devices.

  1. On your screenpublishing account, find the App Gallery (How to Add Apps) to be able to look for this feature.
  2. On the pop-up window, look for “Web & Media” and find the Streaming Video Link App.
  3. Select “Stream Video Link” and fill out the next fields:
    • Name: Write down something easy to recall what the streaming is about. This is how you are going to find this App on the platform to add it to campaigns.
    • URL: This App supports RTLS and HLS streaming formats. Note that HLS feeds are more robust.
    • Interval: If you wish to avoid black screens and crashing, increase the value on this feed. It will consume more bandwidth, though. If you want to disable this option, leave it at “0”.
  4. “Save” the App. A “Preview” option is not available.

Why does YouTube streaming not work?

For YouTube live streaming videos, please use the YouTube Video App from the Social Media App category.