How to display RSS feeds

Let the audience keep track of the latest news headlines with news feeds apps. These apps use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology to push fresh entries from your favorite websites right to your screen. Learn how use it

    1. On your screenpublishing account, click on “Content” tab at the header.
    2. Hit on “New App”.
    3. A pop-up window will open. Select “News & RSS Feed” at the top menu.
    4. Choose a news feed app out of nine available at screenpublishing. They can be divided in two categories:
      Full screen: They are ideal for occupying the whole screen. There are four layouts available.
Configurable RSS News
RSS News 1
RSS News 2
RSS News 3
RSS News 2

News feeds bars: These apps can be placed on the bottom of the screen, leaving more space for other content. There are new tickers, in which news are shown in sequence with or without animation transition. The other version scrolls the headline from right to left.

RSS News Ticker
RSS News Ticker 2
RSS News Scroller
Flexible News Ticker


    1. Fill the settings.
      • All apps require basic information, such as name, display duration of each post and the RSS URL. You can find RSS URL on your chosen website. Write on google the site name plus “RSS” and you will probably find what you need.
        Most new websites offer different RSS according to the site’s categories (i.e. economy, local, entertainment, etc.). Check New York Times’ RSS list, for example. Select a category and then copy the URL. We have used one of those as example.

standard settings for all apps

    • All other settings are related to the apps’ look, such as color, font and size preferences. Each app will allow different degrees of customization.
  1. Preview the app.
  2. Click on “Save” to add it to your App library.
  3. The app is now ready to be placed on your campaigns!