How to display Google files

Showcase Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Slides, keeping your signage content always updated.

For Docs, Sheets and so forth, use the Website Link App to display content from any Google file directly on your screen. For Slides, there is also a dedicated app. Read about the Slides app at further below.

By sharing your Google documents, you don’t need to think about updating content on your screenpublishing account. Every change is automatically updated by Google. This is also useful if there are staff members who update information, but do not necessarily need access to manage your digital signage content.

Google Docs, Sheets etc.

  1. Open your Google Drive. For this tutorial, we have created a (Spread)Sheet with an Olympic Medals count.
  2. Click on “File”, move over “Share”, then click on “Publish to the web”.publish Google Sheet to web
  3. On the pop-up window, select which part of the document you want to display. By default, Google will publish the entire document, but you can limit it. We are going to publish only the Medals by portion of document
  4. Confirm with “Publish”. Keep the “Automatically republish when changes are made” option in the “Published content & settings” box marked.automatically republish changes
  5. Copy the URL and paste it in a new browser window to check the result before using it on screenpublishing.copy link
  6. Now, in your screenpublishing Account. Click on the “New” button. Select “App” and choose the Web & Media category from the menu on the left. Pick the Website Link App.
  7. Paste the URL from the Google document.
    website link app
  8. Save the app to use it as your content.

We recommend testing the content on one device before deploying it to your entire digital signage network, as the URL app is not visible in preview mode.

Google Slides

  1. If you have Slides which you want to share, open your Google Slides.
  2. Click on “File”, move over “Share”, then click on “Share with others”.
    share Google Slides with others
  3. The Slides need to be shared with “Anyone with the link”.
    share with anyone with the link
  4. Copy the link.
    copy link
  5. Now you come back to your screenpublishing Account, click on the “New” button. Select “App” and choose the Third Party category from the menu on the left. Pick the Google Slides App.
  6. Paste the URL from your Google slides app
  7. You can choose the duration of each slide.
  8. The Google Slides app can be previewed which is good practice to always do when setting up content.
  9. Save the app to use as your content.