How to cycle video ads

Add videos to your Playlists and activate the Playback Mode Cycle Items to cycle content in a loop.

The easiest way to manage ads and make sure content doesn’t repeat itself unnecessarily is by having multiple playlists. Another tip is to group content together by categories and alternating content categories.

In this tutorial, we show you step by step how to create and publish an ad playlist to your device.

  1. On the Content tab of your screenpublishing account, click “New”.
  2. Select Playlist from the Menu.
    new playlist
  3. Complete the Playlist settings. For more information, check the full tutorial: Create a Campaign Playlist
  4. At the bottom of the page, you find two divisions: On the left is all the content in your account. On the left is the frame where you configure the sequence of content in this playlist. Select your ads and drag them to the board according to your needs.
  5. Set an end time for your ad. If your ad should be shown only until a certain point in time or during a specific period, you can set a restriction by hovering your mouse over your content and clicking on the option Edit Restrictions (clock icon).item restrictions
  6. Cycle the ads. At the top right of the page, change Playback Mode to Cycle Items and set the count for the number of items you want to cycle each time the playlist is played.“playback
  7. Publish the playlist to your device and add more restrictions or settings as needed.

In this example, we publish this playlist with 3 video files to a device, which has two other campaigns published normally. Every time the playlist will be displayed, only one content of the playlist will be displayed at a time, since the value in the Cycle Items Count was set to “1”.