How to create user groups

Give the same permissions to multiple users in bulk.

If you have content or players which several users should have permission to edit, publish or delete, bring all users into a group and allow them all to perform the same actions. This will save you a couple of minutes as you don’t need to adjust the same settings for various people over and over again. This is how:

Click on your username on the bottom-left corner on your Screen Publishing dashboard.

Select “Users” from the menu.

If you wish to create more users before making a group, check out how to create additional accounts.

Click the “Groups” tab in the header.


Continue with clicking on the orange “Create User Group” button.

Name the group, ideally by detailing the organization and/or function which the users in this group will perform (i.e. designers, publishers, editors, etc).

Select everybody you want to add to this group by typing or selecting their usernames in the “Users in Group” box.

Check the actions they are able to perform. It’s a long list. You can adjust these permissions at any time.

Confirm with the orange “Save Changes” button at the bottom.

Now all selected users are able to perform the actions you enabled!


If they are recently added users, they will be able to create content, but won’t view content created on the platform prior. In this case, you can add permissions, so users will be able to edit existing campaign.