How to create content with Image Composition

Design canvas with images, text, and shapes directly in screenpublishing.

With the “Composition” features you can create panels such as ads and menu boards, directly in the screenpublishing platform. Mix several elements to bring up beautiful content and make your content stand out even more.

  1. Click on the New button on your Content page and select Composition.
  2. Select the image orientation and resolution. You can also set up a custom one. Alternatively, you can select one of many screenpublishing templates and edit these to your needs.
  3. Now, you can unleash your creativity using the tools on the left side. They include text, shapes, stickers, and media from your screenpublishing files, and more. Change each element’s properties, such as opacity and size, and play with layers.
  4. Once you are done, confirm with “Save As”, type a name, and “Save”.

The new composition will be placed together with your other media files on the “Content” page. You can edit it any time in the same image composer.
edit composition

We are upgrading the Composition feature to include more content options and make it dynamic. Check out the additional possibilities of Dynamic Compositions.