How to add permissions to groups

Give access to content and players to multiple restricted users in one click.

If you as the Screen Publishing admin created new content or players and wish to grant multiple restricted users access to it, simply add permission to a group. This works the same way as giving permissions to individual accounts.

Click on your username on the bottom-left corner on your Screen Publishing dashboard and select “Settings”.

Click on “Users” in the sidebar menu and subsequently on “Groups” in the header.

Find and check the group you want to modify permissions for and hit the “Edit” icon on the right.

Select then whether you want to share content or players from the sidebar menu.

Go to “Content Permissions”. A newly created group will have no folders or content shared with it. Click on the orange “Share” button on the top-right corner.


In the pop-up window you can select the folders and content you want to share and click on the red “confirm” at the bottom-right.

You will be shown an overview of all content shared with the group. You can determine which actions the group is allowed to perform per item by turning the switches on or off.

The process is the same for granting player permissions. Select “Player Permissions” from the sidebar. Add the players or player groups you want to “Grant Permissions”.

Then select the degree of permission for each player or player group by turning the switches on or off.

At any time you wish to share new content or players with a certain group, you can edit the group permissions. Another path is adding the group to the item permissions on the content or player page.