How to add Apps to Campaigns

Add Apps to your campaigns in order to make them more dynamic and eye-catching.

To include Apps to your campaigns, start by creating the App. You can do this via two different paths:

Content tab:

  1. In your screenpublishing account, click “Content” on the sidebar menu.
  2. On the top of the page, hit “New” and followed by “App”.
  3. Then a pop-up window will appear with all available Apps you can choose from to use as content in your campaigns.

Campaign editor:

  1. The second way is to look for Apps in the Campaign editor. When creating or editing a campaign, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see the Content box.
  2. It’s the same process as above. Hit “New”, and then “App”.
  3. Again a pop-up window will appear with all available Apps. Browse through the different categories in the sidebar menu. The example picture shows the Sports section.


  1. Select the App you want to add to your campaign and fill out the settings. Here, we chose to add a clock
  2. Check the look of the personalized App by clicking on “Preview”.
  3. If the result is satisfying, confirm with “Save”. The custom App will be automatically saved to the App folder in your Content library.add app pop-up window
  4. Drag the App to the timeline to add it to the campaign.

Each time you create a new campaign, you can reuse the custom App. There is no need to create them all over again. Just keep in mind that if you edit any settings, the changes will apply to all campaigns which use the specific App. If you want the same clock but in a different color for example and want to keep the existing App for other campaigns, you can create a new clock App.