Data Feed Settings and Filters

A Data Feed may contain a huge amount of content. Not all of which you want to show all the time. In many cases, the idea is to show only a segment matching specific criteria.

To address this use the Data Feed Configurations of the App or Dynamic Composition. The settings row at the bottom allows you to configure:

  • Settings – Will define the sorting order and the range of the rows to be presented.
  • Filters – This makes it possible to create rules so only matching content will be shown.


Sort By – Select the Column of the Data Feed used for sorting.

Range – Enter the beginning and end row of the Data Feed used by the App or Composition.
NOTE: The row of the range is based on the selected sorting option, not on the actual Data Feed row.

In Apps you find it at the very bottom of the Data Feed Configuration:
data feed configuration of an app

In a Dynamic Composition you find it by clicking on the gear icon of a connected Data Feed:
data feed configuration in a composition


Filters allow an automated search to only show content matching specific criteria. Click on Filters to add as many filtering rules as needed.

The rule options depend on the data type of the column to filter. Text can for example be filtered for “equals”, “contains”, “starts with”, and so on.
filter by text

Dates can be filtered by “is”, “is today”, “is this week”, and so on. To show regularly repeating dates such as birthdays, the filter “is today regardless of year” is the filter of choice.
filter by date

Once more than one filter is added, it is possible to select either:

  • Match All Filters
  • Match Any Filter

match all or any filter

Filters can result in no data matching the criteria. You can check the little checkbox and the app or composition will simply skip playback so that no empty shell with no content is shown.
skip playback when no filter matches