Data Feed Introduction

Dynamic content is perhaps one of the most important aspects for signage screens. While screenpublishing for sure can handle RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other feeds, what if:

  • You want to put an approval flow in place and moderate the content coming from a feed?
  • Or you want to create your own data feed, curate it, and get input from other co-workers?
  • Maybe you would like to use your RSS feed in an App designed for Twitter? Why Not?

With the “Data Feed” feature all of this is possible!

Think of the data feed as a Spreadsheet where each column is a field which can be used by Data Feed compatible apps. Once created, a Data Feed will look like this:

data feed

Data Feeds can:

  1. Be created from scratch
  2. Import data from an external data source
  3. Subscribe to an external data source, so your Data Feed will be automatically updated when there is a change in the data you subscribe to.