How to schedule Reports

How to schedule Reports Automate Report and conveniently keep track of Campaign playback. If you wish to keep track of a specific content or a collection of Campaigns, you can schedule Reports to be generated. You can set rules to get the data periodically, and even send them automatically by email to other shared users […]

How to get tag-filtered Reports

How to get tag-filtered Reports In case you manage a large signage network, you might make use of tags for speeding up the publishing process. With tags you can search for content and devices faster, as well as publish content by tags. Applying the same logic, why not also generate tag-filtered reports? Now, instead of […]

Health Check

Health Check The Health Check is a powerful and convenient tool for finding and fixing issues across your network. The health check will detect: Warnings for installing screenpublishing SPM – Players where the screenpublishing SPM should be installed for enabling advanced features: like remote view, remote control, scheduled reboot and remote upgrade. Expired Content – Campaigns that are published with […]

Media playback report

Media playback report Besides tracking Campaign Playback, screenpublishing also makes it possible to track the individual playback of every media presented by every player. To take advantage of Media Playback Reporting, it is necessary to: Enable playback report for every media that should be tracked Enable Media Reporting on every Player that will be tracked […]