How to upload media files

How to upload media files Photos, videos and other media types are essential to create effective campaigns which captivate the viewers’ attention. Learn how to upload media files to your screenpublishing platform before or during the content creation process. In your screenpublishing account, go to “Content” on the left sidebar menu. Hit the orange “New” […]

Convert MOV to MP4

Convert MOV to MP4 Screenpublishing  supports several video formats, such as MKV, AVI, MP4, MPG and MPEG. If you try to upload any other format however, the screenpublishing platform will display an uploading error message. Other video formats must be converted to any of the supported file formats. This includes MOV, the format for Apple’s […]

How to delete files

How to delete files It is best practice to delete files from your screenpublishing account if you are not going to use this image or video any more. Unused files occupy storage space you might need in the future. Each screenpublishing user has an accumulative 1 GB storage capacity per subscribed player at their disposal. […]

Supported file types

Supported file types You can upload the following supported files to screenpublishing: Videos (MKV, AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG) Images (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF) Web (HTML, CSS, JS) Flash animations (SWF) Fonts (TTF, OTF) Archives (PDF, ZIP) You can upload PDF as well as .zip files containing multiple media. In this case, a folder will be […]

Use Handbrake to optimize video exhibition

Use Handbrake to optimize video exhibition Reduce the file size of large video files before uploading them to screenpublishing and save valuable storage space. Even though compressing files results in a loss of quality, it will speed up transfer to the platform and players. We recommend converting videos with Handbrake, a free software available for Mac, […]

Set image background transparent

Set image background transparent Out of all image formats supported by screenpublishing, “.png”-files have the option to be set to transparent or with a lower level of opacity. This feature is useful if you want to showcase the full background behind an image or add a frame to your content. By comparing the two images at […]

Adjusting image aspect ratio

Adjusting image aspect ratio Rarely will you have an image which fits a campaign’s screen division exactly. Unless you crop the image beforehand to fit the screen, of course! In all other cases, you will want to adjust the aspect ratio settings in your screenpublishing account. Select a campaign and look at its timeline. Click on […]

Organize content in folders

Organize content in folders Manage your content easily and more efficiently with folders. As your digital signage operation grows, folders are helpful to organize content according to your own structure. Combine this tool with content tags and never take long searching for a specific item! Click on the “New” button on the Content page of your screenpublishing account, […]

How to display PowerPoint presentations

How to display PowerPoint presentations Include PowerPoint presentations in your digital signage operation to inform clients and staff PowerPoint is a Microsoft program, but this tutorial applies to any other program you use for creating and designing presentations. Take these documents from the depth of your computer folders and bring them directly to the eyes […]

How to display Flash content

How to display Flash content The Windows version of the screenpublishing App supports “.swf”-files, but it requires installation of the Adobe Flash Player. Learn how to download below: Access the Adobe Flash Player website. Select your computer’s Operational System version and followed by “FF 22 for Firefox – NPAPI”. Click on “Download now”. Adobe offers the installation […]