Use HTML5 to create your own Apps

Use HTML5 to create your own Apps If you can create a webpage, for sure you can create your Apps and publish them to screenpublishing! Leverage HTML5 and our SDK sto quickly develop Apps.  

Uploading custom Apps

Uploading custom Apps IMPORTANT: Custom App uploading is not available to all users, please ask the support team to enable this feature for your account!   Once you have created your own App, please follow these steps to upload it to screenpublishing: Compress all the files and Assets used by your App into a Zip file. Upload the Zip file […]

PowerBI App

PowerBI App screenpublishing can be used to present PowerBI dashboards and reports directly on your signage screens. Better yet, access to the PowerBI platform is directly authenticated through your Microsoft account, so your password is not stored on screenpublishing. Configure and present PowerBI Dashboards in a few easy steps. Authenticate screenpublishing for your Microsoft Account […]