How to add Apps to Campaigns

How to add Apps to Campaigns Add Apps to your campaigns in order to make them more dynamic and eye-catching. To include Apps to your campaigns, start by creating the App. You can do this via two different paths: Content tab: In your screenpublishing account, click “Content” on the sidebar menu. On the top of […]

Using Weather Apps

Using Weather Apps The popularity of Weather Apps never fades! The screenpublishing platform offers multiple Weather Apps to keep your audience aware of the temperature of today and the next few days. This is how you add this info to your campaigns: Click on “New” > “App”. Click on “Weather” at the left menu of […]

Using Clock Apps

Using Clock Apps Clock Apps are quite useful, specially in public transportation, in companies and universities, basically anywhere where people need to be on time. Check out how to display time and date info on your signage below: Go to the Content tab on your screenpublishing workspace. Click the “New” button on the top-left, followed […]

Using text apps

Using text apps Within screenpublishing App Library (How to Add Apps), you will find the category “Text and Scrollers”. These are ideal for displaying short messages that need to be updated quickly. Check out the apps available below: Rich Text Widget This app is totally customizable! Change background and font color, font size, line height, […]

What is an App?

What is an App? App is the short expression for “application”. It is a software program you can use while online or on mobile devices. It usually has a single and simple purpose. In the context of screenpublishingTV, it is a small pre-designed program which allows you to display dynamic content – such as time, […]

Using Table Apps

Using Table Apps screenpublishing provides different apps on table format. Find out below different types and how to create them: To find all available Table App templates you need to go to the App Library of your screenpublishing platform (How to Add Apps). Then you have to select a category from the sidebar menu of […]

Using Finance Apps

Using Finance Apps Display up to date financial information with Finance Apps. Keep your audience informed of currency exchange rates and variations. Go to the Apps Library (How to Add Apps). Select “Finance” from the sidebar menu of the pop-up window. Choose anyone you like from the category: Single Exchange Rate: This App’s name makes it […]

How to display RSS feeds

How to display RSS feeds Let the audience keep track of the latest news headlines with news feeds apps. These apps use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology to push fresh entries from your favorite websites right to your screen. Learn how use it On your screenpublishing account, click on “Content” tab at the header. Hit on […]

Make App’s background transparent

Make App’s background transparent Each screenpublishing App is customazible on different levels. Some of them offer, besides color options, the opacity bar. Set the App’s background to transparent or less opaque in order to show content from the layer underneath. In your screenpublishing account, go to the “Content” page. You can create a new App by […]

How to create a Zapier account

How to create a Zapier account Zapier is a web service that lets you integrate several applications. We need this tool in order to display Instagram photos on your digital signage operation. You can create a free account through the following steps: Go to Zapier website. On the homepage, write your name, email and password and click […]