Basic Content Publishing

Do you already have your account filled with content? Great! It is about time then to learn the basics of content publishing.

Even the greatest content is useless if hidden on your screenpublishing account, away from your audience’s eyes.

Before learning how to publish, make sure you have already installed Player devices with the screenpublishing App on them and added them to your account. To publish content, log into your screenpublishing account and follow the steps below:

  1. After you’ve finish editing the content, be it a campaign or a playlist, click the orange “Publish” button at the bottom right of the page. In the campaign editor, it’s next to the blue “Preview” button.


    On your Content page, right-click on the content you wish to send to the Player and select “Publish” from the pop-up menu.

  2. You are a few steps closer to watching your content on screen! Now, click on “Publish to Players” on the top-right corner.
    publish content
  3. The loaded page walks you through the publishing step by step. Begin by selecting on which Player(s) you want this specific content displayed. Click on the Available Destinations, that’s Players, Player Groups, or Playlists on the left. Select 1 or more with a double click, so that they are moved to the “Selected Destinations” on the right-side.publish content to player
  4. Next, screenpublishing offers the following playback settings:
    Playback Restrictions
    • Play with no restrictions
    • Play only when: Here you set specific playback periods, define regions where the content will be shown, and/or when they meet a tag criteria you need to have previously set with your content.
    • Don’t play when: This is the same as the option above, but instead of selecting a positive list, you select a negative list.

    How to Play It

    • Play on Primary Loop: This means it will play any time.
    • Play on Fallback Loop: This means it will only play when there is no other content scheduled.
    • Play On-Demand: This means triggering the content whenever you want from the website.
    • Play When Crossing a GeoFence: This means it plays when crossing a geographic region.
    • Start Playback At Specific Time: This means it plays at a predetermined time.

    playback options

  5. Click on the orange “Publish” button on the bottom right after you have selected your options.
  6. Your content has been successfully published!
    content successfully published

In case you forgot to mark an option, go into the content and check the publish menu option. There you can edit restrictions. If you forgot to add it to a player, just click on the orange “Publish” button on the top right and repeat the process.