Add QR Codes to your Content

Display more content than fits on one screen right into your audience’s mobile device.

A QR code is a two dimensional image which stores information in black and white pixels. It is quickly scanned by cellphones and represents much more data than standard barcodes. You can share text, images, videos, and URLs on your audience’s cellphone displays.

This is how to set up the screenpublishing QR Code App:

  1. You find the QR Code App in your App library (How to Add Apps). Go to your Content page, click the orange New button, and then select App.
  2. Pick the “Text and Scrollers” tab from the sidebar menu of the pop-up window.QR code app in app library
  3. Choose the “QR Code” App and fill out the following info:configure QR code app
    • App name: Simply name the app anything you like to save it. By this name you find the app in your screenpublishing account.
    • Text to be encoded to QRCode: Type the content you want to trigger on the cellphone. It can be either a text or a URL to a webpage, image, or video.
    • QRCode color, Background color, Background image: Set color for and around the QR code. You can also go with a transparent background by checking the “Transparent Background” box below.
  4. Leave the editor by clicking “Save”.

Now you just need to insert this new App from your Content catalog to your campaigns, playlists, or compositions.